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About BrandO

BrandO is the leading source for brand news, insight and community for marketers, media and agencies. The source that is about all things brand and branding with all the latest account moves, people moves, agency news and creative work from the advertising industry.

Big brand news, insight and analysis from the marketing community, covering everything from strategy and best practice to technology.

Based in Accra, Ghana and launched on 1st March 2016, we offer original news, commentary and analysis from our journalists along with outside contributions, white papers, ad agencies and more. Providing a global perspective on brands, we encourage an open exchange on brands and branding from practitioners around the world through features and white paper submissions.

We know how to support our partners
We can be your unfair advantage in your market, using our approach to global brand development.

Our Partner Management services include: 

  • Developing a leading brand, with excellent content and photography
  • Access to international research and presentations
  • Market intelligence and contacts
  • Online, editorial, sales and marketing consultancy and training 
  • Proactive account management 

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