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New Book Alert: Start & Build a Side Hustle – Short Guide by Kwaku Abedi

He aspires to educate people on creating a personal career



New Book Alert: Start & Build a Side Hustle – Short Guide by Kwaku Abedi
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A new book which teaches readers how to turn their skills and passion into “mini-careers” have been launched. The book titled “How to Start & Build a Side Hustle” is the maiden book of Author, Marketer & Podcaster Kwaku Abedi. 

In this book he shares ideas on how to 

- Identify skills that one possesses which can be transformed into a side hustle 

- Creating your side hustle 

- Prospecting for paying customers to fund your side hustle

With this book he aspires to educate and inform as many people as possible about creating a personal career and not being overly dependent on the old-time concept of job creation. Careers are gradually evolving to focus more on people who have specialist skills to offer the market. Premium is placed on talent and ability to deliver hence being a generalist does not cut it anymore. 

How to Start & Build a Side Hustle seeks to address these opportunities in the modern economy and more.  

This book can be purchased via Amazon and Okada Books 

Amazon Link:

Okada Books Link:

If you would like to read the book for free, kindly contact him on and the ebook will be delivered to your email.

About the Author 

Kwaku Abedi is an Author, Marketer, Podcaster & a Peak Performance Enthusiast. He has a strong interest in helping people become better versions of themselves and live the life they dreamed. He maintains a personal website where he shares articles and papers on Modern Marketing Trends and its effectiveness. He also discusses psychological and social topics that lead to Peak Performance and help readers reach their goals.