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Ghana Post Embarks on Nationwide Digital Addressing and Properties Tagging

The initiative will provide effective means of addressing location and property in Ghana.



Ghana Post Embarks on Nationwide Digital Addressing and Properties Tagging
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Ghana Post (GP) is embarking on a nationwide digital address generation and property-tagging exercise.

The Digital Address system is an initiative that is providing an effective means of addressing every location and property to facilitate the implementation of key government policies and business transactions.

“Our field agents are moving from house to house with valid identification cards and branded GP uniforms. Our field agents are required to generate digital addresses for everyone and tag properties for individuals and organisations upon request. The general public is hereby informed that generation of the digital address is free, but tagging of properties attracts a fee,” a statement from Ghana Post stated.

The statement further appealed to community leaders such as chiefs, queen mothers, assemblymen, youth groups and households to give accredited agents the needed assistance in the discharge of their duties, urging all citizens to tag their properties.

This, according to the release, will enhance visibility and identification, and enable businesses and service providers to locate you easily and enhance home-delivery.

The digital address is currently a requirement for the application of a national ID card. “Citizens are advised to remember to give their digital addresses to NADMO, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Ambulance Service and other emergency service providers for easy location and assistance when the need arises.”

Ghana Post therefore encourages citizens who have not yet generated a digital address for their homes and offices to do so.