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Facebook Reveals the Six Things that Will Get You BANNED from the Site

Facebook have shared their list of content that can get your account deleted.



Facebook Reveals the Six Things that Will Get You BANNED from the Site
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In light of the recent scandals that have surrounded Facebook in the past few months, the social media giant has released its 'Community Standards' that dictate which posts are unsuitable for consumption. 

If a user continually breaches this code of conduct, their account will be deleted, and they will be banned from the site. Until now, Facebook has kept this list of community standards tightly under wraps.

Here are the six things you should keep off your profile if you want to stay on Facebook:

Violent content

Posting any content that has a violent intent or contains violent threats is strictly forbidden. If you are found promoting violent crime, selling drugs or weapons, you will be removed immediately.


The safety of Facebook users is put into jeopardy when cyber-bullying comes into play. Continual harassment and abuse of someone's posts and photos is not tolerated. 

Objectionable content

Objectionable content is monitored and taken down immediately. This includes hate speech, discrimination, graphic violence and nudity. 

Cruel and insensitive posts

Facebook defines these posts as ones that specifically target other users and cause emotional and physical harm. This category falls into cyber-bullying which threatens the safety of the user.

Fake news?

All content must meet the 'integrity and authenticity' requirement. Misrepresentation is not allowed, so if Facebook find out that you're using a fake name, your account will be deleted. 

They won't, however, delete you for fake news. They pointed out that there's a "fine line between false news and satire and opinion", and said that they didn't want to "stifle productive public discourse". 

Content related requests

Facebook will remove your account if you ask them to. If you die (or become incapacitated), they'll delete your account at the request of a confirmed family member. 

Apart from that, the only time that Facebook will obey a request to delete an account, is if it comes from the authorities. 

So to sum up: Violent content, whether it's threatening someone or selling drugs or weapons. Safety, such as harrassment or cyberbullying. Objectionable content such as nudity (but there are special rules for breast feeding). Cruel and insensitive posts - those designed to cause emotional or physical harm. Fake news isn't allowed - and facebook includes using a false name in this.

Source: Mirror UK